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Public health specialist Epidemiologist Health policy analyst Health and gender activist


Growth and Devolopement of Societies

Pathways to Development

Societies grow and develop like a living organism. Growth of a society is quantitative in nature where as development is qualitative in nature. The components of a society are its culture, economic system, political organization, social structure, belief system, arts

Indian nationalism


Introduction Nationalism in its broader sense is one’s pride, respect and love for his country. Occasionally extreme nationalism can get fanatical as well especially nationalism based on religion and fascist ideologies. On the contrary, nationalism based on culture of a

Religion and Society


Religion is an integral part of any society. It is like your parents. You got to have it, no matter whether you like it or not. Even in a communist state religion is present in a dormant form. This dormant

Moral Values and its Decline


Introduction Moral is about relating to standards of good or bad behavior, fairness, and honesty which each person believes in rather than laws. Moral values are beliefs or attitudes about what is good, right, desirable and worthwhile. It provides the

Israel Palestine Conflict


It is against God will to compromise This statement is applicable to two groups in the world- Israelis and Palestinians- who fight for the same land. To give up a part of this disputed land is forbidden by Muslims. For

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  Das’s paintings  

Merits of British Rule in India


With all the drawbacks of imperialism let us have a look at some of the good aspects of British rule in India. British rule was not all that bad for India. Britain united India. When British left India, they left

Soft power and Identity


Introduction: - Soft power is a terminology used by the Harvard professor Joseph Nye. Soft power is the ability of a person or a country to attract others by its virtues. Soft power is mostly based on truth and virtues.